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There are tons of TV shows on the site. But it is not the limit 🙂 Just write in the comment here what you want us to add and we will add it!


  1. Can you please add all the season of “Bring It!”, Being Mary Jane Season 5 and all of “In Plain Sight”?

  2. Is it possible to add the Polish Thriller Serie ‘Wataha’ season 1 & 2 , better known as ‘The Border’. Each season counts 6 episodes. The first is broadcasted in 2014 , the second in 2017 on TV Station H2. Many & kind greatings from Belgium

  3. Hi, Can u please upload all episodes of ‘Spin City’
    I’m a big fan of Michael J. Fox and Charlie Sheen.
    Your site is fantastic!
    XXX 😉

  4. Helloo!! Thank you for all your hard work! Thanks to you I could watch Anne with an E Season 3! I am very looking forward to it! I would like to download the series, but unfortunately, there is no Season 1. Could you please add Season 1? Thank you very much!

    1. Hello! OMG I’m waiting for Anne with an E Season 3 too!! I’m so glad I can watch it here. Is episode 2 being available soon? Thank you!!

        1. Thank you very much!! This is the only site where I can watch this favourite show, Netflix won’t have it till next year. Thank you very much for updating it every week! Always make my day. Thank you!

        2. Hello again! I am very sorry but could you please tell me when I can expect new episodes please? I know that the schedule is every Sunday evening Canada time but I don’t really know when to expect it being available here. I live in Australia so I always think that it would be around Monday or Tuesday. It’s just something me and my family really look forward to every week! Thank you very much for everything. Have a nice day!

  5. Hello! Thank you very much for all these wonderful series! I really want to watch this Korean series name Hwarang which is available on Netflix with English subtitles and I wonder if I can request it here. It will be so amazing if it is possible, but if it’s not, then it’s okay too! Thank you and have a nice day!

  6. Hello! I’m not sure if I can request this because it’s not a tv series but they are on netflix. The title is Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Thank you! If possible, part 1 as well would be so amazing. Thank you!

  7. Hello! Hi! Sorry, may I request Men on a Mission, 2017, episode 24 please…? Thank you very much in advance! Have a nice day.

  8. Can you please upload Beyblade Burst all seasons from Season 1 to the current latest season?
    Thank you if you are able to fulfil my wish
    Cheers my friend

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